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About Praise Dog! Training

Praise Dog! Training, LLC, uses only modern, proven reward-based methods to train your dog or modify unwanted behaviors. 

Your dog’s mental well-being, as well as your happiness and satisfaction as a dog owner, are important to us. We know how much you love your dog, but we also know that sometimes life with a dog can be have its challenging and frustrating moments.

We will never resort to training methods or tools that might hurt or frighten your dog. This is our commitment to you and your canine companion.


While many local dog training businesses advertise themselves as using positive training, many still employ the use of aversive tools or methods in their training, including the use of choke collars, prong collars, or shock collars.  Praise Dog! owner and lead trainer, Phyllis Beasley, CPDT-KA, FFCP, IAABC-ADT, has achieved successful results in teaching skills or modifying canine behavior, including aggression, without resorting to aversive methods.


Using reward-based methods strengthens the bond between you and your dog. All of Praise Dog's lessons include ensuring that you have an understanding of your dog's body language and behavior.


Praise Dog! Training, LLC, is a locally owned business, not a franchise. This means that your dog is not trained based on a set protocol, established by a corporation. With Praise Dog! you get individualized training designed to meet your training goals.


Being a locally-owned small business also ensures a strong tie to the community and a commitment to improve the lives of the community’s dog-owning public by providing education and support to many local rescue organizations.


With each lesson, you will receive written instruction and guidance to continue training on your own.

Community Presentations

Do you represent a community organization? A rescue group? Phyllis offers a limited number of free community presentations on a variety of topics including canine body language, bite prevention, therapy dogs, fostering dogs and other related topics.


Contact Phyllis at with your request.


 From Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, award-winning author of six dog training books and numerous articles for national magazines and newspapers: 


"Making the decision to close Pawsitive Results was one of the hardest I've ever faced, even if it was for the happy reason of getting married and moving away. What made it easier was knowing that the Midlands' dogs and their families would be in the best humane hands possible! Phyllis Beasley has been my right hand, lead assistant trainer, dog adventure partner and best friend for many years. With her education and expertise, she comes with my highest recommendation. "

Teoti Anderson supports this Columbia SC dog training business

From Kate Abney:


"Our three year old rescue, Cooper, had been giving us scares for a while by showing aggression towards other dogs on walks, and had even begun snapping at family pets over food and toys. We had tried several different methods of training, and taken a lot of advice from others on how to fix the problems. However, we were never very confident in the methods we were using, and we were becoming very frustrated at the lack of progress. Our veterinarian suggested a local company, and through that, we were connected with our personal in-home dog trainer, Phyllis. Phyllis has been a joy to work with from day one! She is confident in the methods she teaches, and gets results through positive reinforcement! She connected immediately with Cooper, and did a great job of helping us understand how to help him learn the good behaviors we were after. Phyllis always followed up each lesson with a comprehensive summary, and was just a call or email away if we had any questions while carrying out our training between lessons. Phyllis was also extremely flexible with scheduling throughout our time working with her, which was imperative due to our very busy lifestyle! Thanks to our training sessions with Phyllis, we are now able to take Cooper on walks that are actually enjoyable, and we feel much more confident having him around other pets."


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