Private Lessons and Group Classes

For additional information or to register for the lessons listed below, contact Phyllis at Praise Dog! Training by emailing, by calling 803-238-8740, or by clicking the registration link below.


If you are dealing with a specific behavior problem such as fearfulness, aggression, or other issues, contact Praise Dog! Training for a behavior consult.

Basic Manners Classes

Classes are held on Thursday nights at Tri-City Leisure Center in West Columbia​ at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., occasionally on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m., and occasionally on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Dogs must have completed vaccinations and must be completely friendly towards other dogs and people. 

In this class, we teach: Sit, Down, Stays, Walking Nicely on Lead, Attention, Leave It, Sit Politely for Petting, Coming When Called and Settle on a Mat.


Classes are one hour long and class sessions are six weeks. Class size is limited currently to six dogs. Cost is $150.

If you missed Basic Manners registration for this class session, consider our Private, In-home Basic Manners class. Same curriculum but conducted at your home on evenings or weekends.

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Advanced Manners Classes

Classes are held three times a year on Thursday nights at Tri-City Leisure Center in West Columbia​ at 6:30 p.m. (Schedule may be changed due to Covid-19.) Prerequisite is completion of Praise Dog Basic Manners. Classes are one hour long and class sessions are six weeks. The curriculum is based on the AKC Canine Good Citizen requirements with additional skills. The CGC test is offered for free to class participants following the completion of the class. Class size is currently limited to six dogs.

Cost is $150.

New! Day Training

Let us do the training for you! We train your dog for you while you work or run errands, or you can watch while we train. Depending on the training that you want for your dog, we come to your home two to three times a week to train your dog and conclude each week showing you how to communicate these newly trained cues to your dog. After each lesson, you will receive an email and/or video summary of the day’s lessons.

What’s to love about day training?

Convenience:  You are a busy person with lots of commitments, but you want a well-mannered family dog.

Results:  Because this is our profession, we are able to quickly and effectively train your dog with the skills to make him an appreciated family member

Ease of mind:  Praise Dog! Training will never, ever implement any training method that would hurt or scare your dog. Our trainers keep up with the latest, science-based, reward-based training methods. 

Fast results: Because we work with your dog up to three times a week for a concentrated hour of work each time, and because we have years of dog training experience, the results you get are faster than trying to squeeze training into your busy schedule.

Cost: Cost is based on the skills you want your dog to have and the number of visits per week. Costs range from $350 a week to up to $500 a week.

Out on the Town


Take those skills you and your canine partner have learned and take them on the road! Classes are held in different locations around Columbia.

Classes are held the last Saturday of every month. Cost is $30. Prerequisite: Basic Manners.

Puppy Socialization Hour

 Temporarily suspended due to Covid. Every last Monday of the month - Puppy playtime and socialization to people, objects and noises. For puppies under the age of 16 weeks. Learn the correct way to successfully socialize your puppy. The age between 8 and 16 weeks is a critical socialization time that, if missed, can never be replicated.


Puppy Socialization Hour is held at Tri-City Leisure Center at 6:30 p.m. You must provide veterinary evidence of at least one set of vaccinations and veterinary verification of health.


Praise Dog! Training follows the recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) for puppy socialization.

Private Lessons
Basic Mannersfour, one-hour long, in-home private lessons that cover the skills addressed in the six-week class. Cost is $350.00.
Puppy Head Start two, one and a half-hour, in-home private lessons for puppies up to the age of 14 weeks. These lessons cover basic topics needed to assist families with topics related to puppies, including puppy proofing, housetraining, crate training, puppy mouthing, socialization, handling, food guarding prevention, collar grab, independence training, give, sit, down and the beginnings of coming when called. The cost is $125.00.
Reactive Rover Lesson PackageDoes your dog lunge and bark at the sight of other dogs or people? Is it embarrassing or scary to you? Learn techniques to teach your dog that he does not have to react and how to avoid confrontations while you are training. Sessions include in-home instruction on skills and behavior modification techniques, practice with a stuffed dog (yes, they all think it is real), practice with a real dog in a controlled situation, and practice off-site. The cost is $275.00. Participation in all lessons is required.
“Come Back To Me” Recallthree one-hour, in-home private lessons that address the management and training for teaching dogs to reliably come when called. Includes training a whistle recall. The cost is $175.00.
"Ouch, that hurts!" Help for Your Jumping, Mouthy Dog – You are not alone with this problem! This lesson package was recently added because we receive so many requests for help in dealing with excessive jumping and mouthing. This lesson package includes instruction on understanding why your dog is jumping and mouthing excessively, as well as management and skill training to teach your dog a different way to behave. This lesson package is for family's whose dogs mouth out of excitement or age. Before we begin the lessons, we will have an extensive phone conversation to determine if your problems stem from a more serious cause. If we feel that this package is not appropriate, we may recommend behavior modification training.  This training is a two one-hour in-home private lesson package. We start with one lesson at a cost of $65. If additional training is needed, the cost of the second lesson is $60.00.
Housetraining Help - Two one-hour, in-home private lessons to problem solve your dog's housetraining issues, whether your canine companion is a puppy or adult. Housetraining issues can put a tremendous strain on your relationship with your dog. Let us help him get back on track! We start with one lesson at a cost of $65. If additional training is needed, the cost of the second lesson is $60.00.
"Bringing Home Baby (To Baby)"This is one lesson to assist families who are expecting a baby in preparing the canine members of their family for the new arrival. The package includes instruction on preparing the dog for the change and instruction to assist the acclimation of the dog after the baby’s arrival. It is highly recommended that your dog complete a basic obedience class well before the baby's arrival. The fee for this lesson is $50.00.
Obedience Skill Tune Up Private, one-hour lessons are available to teach or refresh specific obedience skills. Limited to two skills per lesson. Cost is $65 per one-hour in-home lesson.
Therapy Dog Evaluation and Training Have you wondered if your dog would make a good therapy dog? One that would be a good fit for visiting hospitals, nursing home and other places where people are in need of comfort? We offer an evaluation and recommendations by Phyllis who is a Pet Partners animal therapy evaluator. Cost for the evaluations is $30. If your dog has potential, training costs are based on the recommendations.
Behavior Modification

These lessons address specific problem behaviors. These commonly include dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, fearful behavior, multi-dog household issues and other problematic behaviors. A $30 initial behavior consult is required first at which time Praise Dog! Training meets with the owner to evaluate the need, determine a training strategy and offer initial management strategies. At the consult, we discuss the owner’s desired goals, and suggest a number of one-hour, in-home lessons that may be needed. Each behavior modification session costs $100.00. (The $30 consult fee will be deducted from the initial lesson fee.) 

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