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Training Tips

Links to Phyllis' monthly Pet Page articles

in The Columbia Star

Check out her articles published the second Friday of each month, on newstands and online

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What Dogs Wish Their Humans Understood

March 2021

Tips to improve your relationship with your dog

Kosmo and Nova Emily Allred.jpg

Picking the Rescue Dog that is Right for You

January 2021

Which rescue dog is best for you? How do you select the right one?

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February 2021

When you decide you want a purebred puppy here are tips to pick the right one.

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If You Take It, I May Bite You; What To Do If Your Dog Guards Things

September 2020

If your dog growls when you try to take something from him, it may be time to contact a force-free trainer

Pic 1 Heather Nick Mateo in car 2 years.

Study confirms it: adolescent dogs are like human teenagers

October 2020

Understanding and managing your adolescent dog

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Countersurfing, the sport of canines

February 2017

Tips on preventing your dog from stealing off the counter

Picture 1 Amy Blom and Gus.jpg

Sniff Walks - Let your dogs stop and smell the roses

January 2020

The benefits of sniff walks

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Stay right there!

November 2019


Tips for teaching your dog a reliable stay cue



Picture 8 AdobeStock_78840419.jpeg

When your puppy says, "I want it now!"

May 2020

Teaching your puppy or dog frustration tolerance and independence training

Hannah Bauchat photo by Maggie Fan.jpg

May I have your attention please?

July 2019

Tips for teaching your dog to pay attention


Picture 1 housetraining puppy.jpeg

November 2018

Tips for housetraining your puppy or dog

Picture Five Ryan Dawkins special needs

What to expect when you rescue a dog

March 2019


Tips for incorporating a newly adopted dog into your family

Picture two resource fighting.jpeg

Give peace a chance: what to do when your dogs are fighting

March 2018


Tips on handling inter-dog aggression in the home

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