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Reviews and Testimonials

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April 2020

"Phyllis was such an amazing help with our 3 year old female golden retriever, Marley. Phyllis is very professional and she helped guide us through making this a steady process rather than a quick fix. She helped with Marley’s anxiety around other dogs and she helped with implementing training into Marley’s daily life. She has been such an amazing help. 100% recommend"

Bailey and Courtney.jpg

July 2019

Sherry Timmons

"Phyllis is amazing! Love her teaching style. She has a great understanding of the different dog personalities and how to get them to understand. As with our children, our doggies are very different and I appreciate how she knows how to read each personality. THANK YOU so much."

Kathy cropped.jpg

December 2018

Kathy Evans, Ph.D.

"Phyllis is a wonderful dog trainer who uses only positive methods to train dogs to do what you want them to do. I have taken several classes with Phyllis and she is patient and understanding with owners and with the dogs. Her positive training is not only for the dogs but also to the people who live with the dogs. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a problem with their dog or wants to prevent problems with their dog."


June 2018

Ryan Dawkins

"The team at Praise Dog Training is the best in Columbia. I've taken classes with multiple dogs, and I love their positive reinforcement approach. Other trainers in Columbia rely on shock collars, and that is just... to put it bluntly... crazy. I'm not going to hurt my dog to train him. AND positive reinforcement has been scientifically proven to work better. They make the training process easy to understand, and Phyllis is an excellent teacher! My pups love Praise Dog!"


May 2018

Maria Tully

"Great classes and knowledgeable trainers make Praise Dog the premier dog trainer in the Midlands of South Carolina. My dogs and I love their innovative classes and reward based training methods. They understand that every dog is different and tailor their methods to meet your dog's training needs."

Anne Marie Christley.jpg

December 2017

Anna Marie Christley

"Phyllis and Alison provide a well-organized approach to training you and your fur baby. If you diligently do the assignments and homework, you can't help but have a bonding, rewarding experience. Being able to attain a CGC certificate for our 8 month old Smokey the Bear was pure icing on the cake. Proud to say we have a well-adjusted, happy and outgoing dog. Thank you Praise Dog Training!"

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